Analysts Like US Firms with Overseas Income

Andrew Fisher

A recovery will come. To an investor, the big questions are when -- and which -- stocks are likely to recover first.

Richard Cripps of Stifel Nicolaus Capital Markets and WP Stewart Asset Management's Jim Awad see industrials leading the way.

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"I really like some industrial names," Cripps told CNBC.  "We look for change in price relative to change in outlook, and whenever we get a wide discrepancy between those two, we think that stock is inefficiently priced, and the area that I find the most attractive would be in that industrial sector."

Awad's picks are more specific.

"I prefer companies that are levered to the secular growth overseas," he said.  "I think that's where the 'delta' is going to be in the worldwide economy."

He likes parent General Electric, United Technologies, and Automatic Data Processing.

"Domestically, the recovery will be strained by what's going on in the credit sector, so you want to be where the real growth is, and that's overseas," he said.  "But buy U.S. stocks, because U.S. stocks are the cheapest."