Behind the Wheel with Phil Lebeau

Ford's Mustang And "Knight Rider": A High Riding Role


In a world where it's tougher and tougher to get a car or brand to stand out, Ford's incorporation of the Mustang into NBC's new version of "Knight Rider" is a move that should pay off.

Since the TV show Sunday night, I've heard from numerous people who watched it and loved seeing the Mustang in a starring role. It was a prime time role Ford is counting on to continue changing its image.

It used to be advertising was the main way to change perceptions about a car or brand. Not anymore. Ever since GM scored a hit with "Transformers" featuring


various models, other automakers have been looking for similar opportunities. And for good reason. They are basically supersized ads, when, if done right, can pay off.

But I'm curious, from your perspective, how much do these "cameos" matter or influence your perception of a brand? Let me know...I'll be interested if you are as influenced as others.

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