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Fast Money Misfires - Feb. 22nd


Sometimes a stock is hot and sometimes it just burns. Following are the Fast Money misfires.

Jeff Macke

On February 12th the Lone Wolf thought volatility in the price of crude took refiners like Tesoro off the table. At the time he said, "I need to see some type of control come over the business. I need to see a turn before I can start getting long this.

Unfortunately Macke has nothing to gush about, here. Shares of Tesoro are higher.

I still don’t like the refiners, says Jeff Macke. If you want to get long oil, buy crude.

Tim Seymour

On February 4th the Ambassador thought he’d find a good life at a great price in Sears . At the time he said, "On a valuation basis it’s very cheap."

But Seymour didn’t get more for his money from this retailer. Since the call, the stock is down 9%.

It’s a sum of the parts trade, says Tim Seymour. I’m going to hold what I have.

Guy Adami

On Feb. 19th the Negotiator found divine inspiration from Apollo Group .. At the time he said, "I still like Apollo. The fighting Phoencians, once again, rear their ugly head!"

Alas, Apollo appears to have been more powerful in ancient Greece than modern Wall Street. Shares of APOL plunged 8% Thursday.

I stayed with the trade too long, admits Adami. But I still like the stock.

Karen Finerman

On January 11th the Chairwoman turned trendy. At the time she recommended Crocs and said, "We’re not gonna see anything until February 20, that’s when they report earnings. That’s when we see if in fact the growth story is still in place. I think it is, so I am still long Crocs."

Fast Fire

Unfortuantely for Finerman the trend may be at an end. Crocs plunged Wednesday on a pessimistic outlook.

I deserve to be fast fired for this, says Karen Finerman. I thought they would beat and the market would react positively. That didn’t happen.

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