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Oscar Picks for Your Oscar "Pool"

The Oscars

I'm getting so excited for the Academy Awards--I was on the red carpet earlier this morning. The carpet itself is covered in what looks like giant swaths of Saran Wrap and the huge Oscar statuettes are under giant clear plastic garbage bags.

But the pre-Oscar excitement is palatable. Even though the carpet is covered with a huge plastic tent--it's expected to rain on Sunday--it'll still be crowded with diamonds and couturs, and glamorous, no matter how wet it is.

SO--want the inside scoop on who to pick in the Oscar pool?

For months people have been saying that "No Country for Old Men" is the frontrunner for best picture. Maybe it's fatigue with the amazing but incredibly violent film, but now I'm hearing that "Juno", the heartwarming pic about a pregnant highschooler, could have a surprise win. It's the "Little Miss Sunshine" nomination of the year -- which was nominated last year for four different categories and won in two but didn't get the prize for Best Picture.

Expect "Ratatouille" to win best animated picture. Best song is a toss up between the soulful "Once," and one of the funny and cheery songs from Enchanted-- either "That's how you know" or "Happy Working song."

George Clooney is pushing for best actor--check out this week's cover of Time magazine but there's big support in Hollywood of Daniel Day Lewis' performance in "There Will be Blood." Philip Seymour Hoffman was brilliant in "Charlie Wilson's War," but I'm guessing best supporting actor will go to Javier Bardem.

I think best actress will either go to Julie Christie (in respect for her body of work) or Marion Cotillard--who's almost over exposed at this point. Ruby Dee is a frontrunner for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "American Gangster," but I can also see the Academy really going for Cate Blanchett's portrayal of a Bob Dylan figure in "I'm Not There." "Sicko" will likely get the prize for Documentary Feature. I'm rooting for "Across the Universe" to win costume design, but it could also go to "Elizabeth" or "Sweeney Todd."

Don't forget to fill out a ballot- place some bets, pop some popcorn.The Academy has a  PDF ballot to download.

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