Stocks for Next Week's Sell-Off (Maybe)

Andrew Fisher

Stuart Frankel's Steve Grasso doesn't like what he sees in the week ahead, but he and CastleArk Management president and CIO Jerry Castellini have some investment ideas nonetheless.

"Unfortunately, I expect a little more selling going into next week," Grasso told CNBC.  "The more economic data we have to look at, the more they sell this market off."

That having been said, his stock pick is a financial:  Annaly Capital Management. 

"That stock has remained strong, and is right around its 52-week high," he said.   "How many stocks in this market can say that?"

Castellini is not nearly as enthusiastic about financials.

"I think you do have to give the financials the chance to take one more trip down," he told CNBC.

His attitude toward consumer stocks is mixed.

"I would still be careful on some of the consumer names,'s time to do some value some of the retailers," he noted.

Castellini has few reservations about Apple. 

"It's down 80 points from its all-time high, and business isn't nearly that bad," he said.

He also likes a niche industrial.

"Be real committed to a company like Deere long-term," he said.  "There's a name that, boy, you just don't have a lot of alternatives in the ag[riculture] space."

Castellini and Grasso both think it's essential to have an exposure to energy.

Castellini's pick is natural-gas producer XTO.

"It's growing at 20 percent a year, and very, very inexpensively priced," he said.  "We haven't even see the move in natural gas prices yet."