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The Latest Picks That Paid – Feb. 22

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Our traders are good, but you knew that. Following are their latest picks that paid.

Jeff Macke

On January 3rd the Lone Wolf recommended a 14 karat trade. At the time he said, "Sell the mining stocks. Buy yourself some of the streetTRACKS Gold if you’re bullish." Gold is probably going to $1000 whether you want it to or not."

Since the call, the gold exchange traded fund jumped a shiny 10% as the precious metal makes a move higher.

Guy Adami

On Feb 14th the Negotiator found a little engine that could in Trinity Industries. At the time he said, "The Wall Street Journal talked about the infrastructure spend for the rails. Who’s the winner? I think it’s Trinity Industries."

Adami was right on track, shares of TRN chugged 6% higher in the 4 days following the call, after growth in Trinity’s railcar business pushed profits 40% higher.

Karen Finerman

First on January 17th, then again on Valentine’s Day the Chairwoman took a liking to something shiny. At the time she said, "I’m gonna’ go with Kaiser Aluminum. Nothing says I love you like heat treated aluminum."

It’s been a fine romance. Shares of Kaiser Aluminum moved up 9% in about a week.

Tim Seymour

On February 11th the Ambassador discovered a trio of Cape Town trades. At the time he said, I think South African companies are some of the best managed companies in emerging markets. They’re very transparent and they’re very good companies. The ETF called iShares MSCI South Africa Index is certainly one way to buy the whole market. There are also a number of gold and platinum players. Gold Field LTd. or Sasol ."

Since Seymour's stock safari Gold Fields, Sasol and the South Africa ETF EZA all climbed more than 10%.

Now that’s Fast Money.


Trader disclosure: On Feb. 22, 2008, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC’s Fast Money were owned by the Fast Money traders: Macke Owns (DIS), (YHOO); Seymour Owns (AAPL), (INTC), (MER), (S), (TSO); Seygem Asset Management Owns (GFA); Finerman Owns (GS); Finerman's Firm And Finerman Own (KALU); Finerman's Firm Owns (MPG), (MSFT), (TSO), (VLO), (WMT), (YHOO), (AAPL), (GE), (JCP), (KSS); Finerman's Firm Is Short (IYR), (IWM), (IJR), (MDY), (SPY), (GFI), (LEH); Finerman's Firm And Finerman Own (HD) And (HD) Puts; Finerman's Firm And Finerman Own (CROX) And (CROX) Options; NBC Universal Is The Parent Company Of CNBC;

Finerman's Firm And Finerman Owned (KALU) On 2/4/08, 2/14/08; Seygem Asset Management Owned (GFI), (SSL) On 2/11/08