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Pfizer's CEO Kindler Being Kind To Hillary--Again

According to The Center for Responsive Politics' web sitePfizer Chairman and CEO Jeff Kindler has opened his wallet again for Sen. Hillary Clinton. You can see his latest "give" here.

Twice now within the past year Kindler has given the maximum amount ($2,300) an individual can contribute to a candidate. His name doesn't come up on the donor list for Sen. Barack Obama, Sen. John McCain or Gov. Mike Huckabee. As I've pointed out before, Kindler's support stands in stark contrast to his predecessor Hank McKinnell who was a big backer of President Bush. And here's the leader of the world's biggest drug company giving money to one of the candidates who frequently on the stump says she will "take on" the pharmaceutical companies. No judgements, just pointing out a fact.

I did a quick search of the names of the CEOs of the other major American drugmakers--Bristol-Myers Squibb, Wyeth, Eli Lilly, Schering-Plough, Merck and J & J--and couldn't find any other individual contributions to Obama, McCain, Clinton or Huckabee.


The CRP is in the process of sorting out the latest campaign finances that were submitted on Feb. 20th. I'm waiting on the CRP to post the updated pharmaceutical industry donation figures. They should go live sometime this week and when they do I'll check who's on top.

P.S. The FDA Advisory Committee meeting on experimental antibiotic drugs to treat MRSA from Theravance and JNJ that was scheduled to start tomorrow has been canceled. The Associated Press says the agency wants more time to review outstanding issues regarding the Theravance drug.

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