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Bullish on XTO

Ethanol may be politically popular, but maybe natural gas should be galvanizing the big wigs in Washington.

XTO Energy’s Bob Simpson could certainly argue that. The CEO appeared on Mad Money Monday extolling the commodity’s virtues to Cramer. Nat gas is cheap – it’s trading at about $9 but valued at $16, Simpson said – it’s made in the U.S., and thus it “helps keep us free” of dependence on foreign oil. All that and Simpson labeled it the cleanest burning hydrocarbon.

Since no one wants a nuclear plant or coal factory in his or her backyard, “we think the future’s the brightest for us,” Simpson said. His plan is to grow steadily here at home instead of looking overseas for business like Exxon Mobile . That way he’ll never find his company tangling with the likes of Hugo Chavez.

“We’ve got enough risk in this business without worrying about titles,” Simpson said.

Watch Cramer’s full interview with XTO Energy’s Bob Simpson.

Jim’s charitable trust owns XTO Energy.

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