How to Protect Your Portfolio Against Inflation

Brooke Sopelsa|Video Producer

The largest increase in wholesale inflation in 26 years has left many investors wondering how to protect their portfolios. CNBC asked the market pros what they would do.

CNBC Market Edge

Feeding Your Portfolio

"We're putting money into food stocks, which are necessities, not discretionary items.  The consumers are going their cereals, they're going to buy whatever they need for their home and their children."

Sarat Sethi, Douglas C. Lane and Associates Portfolio Manager

Sethi recommends: Campbell Soup, General Mills and Kraft Foods

Navigate stagflation -- with CNBC's experts:


Your Best Trades Now

Four-Star Materials Plays

“What we at Schwab want to focus on is surprise anticipation, what may not be factored into the price and what may come ahead.”

Vivienne Hsu, Schwab Dividend Equity Fund

Hsu recommends: AK Steel and Celanese

Retail Detail

Retail Picks

“I think that you want to be focused on companies that have a model that’s looking to preserve free cash flow, manage their business very conservatively, capitalize on a recovery when it happens and see improving returns.”

Liz Dunn, of Thomas Weisel Partners Retail Analyst

Dunn recommends: Macy’s



Betting on Lowe's

"I still view them [Lowe's] as the market-share grabber, and if you look at the results that Home Depot  reported today, and that Lowe's reported yesterday, the results do continue to suggest that...I think Lowe's is the better play here."

Brian Nagel, UBS Hardlines Retail Analyst

Nagel recommends: Lowe's