Which Home-Improvement Stock Looks Best?

Andrew Fisher

Which major home improvement retailer is going to improve your portfolio the best?  UBS hardlines retail analyst Brian Nagel says the environment puts pressure on everyone -- but thinks one company will come out on top.

Home-improvement companies are "facing extraordinarily difficult housing environment and weakening demand for home-improvement related products," he told CNBC.

Inside Home Depot's Numbers

That said, he's quick to make a choice.

"I think Lowe's is still better positioned here," he said. 

"I still view them as the market-share grabber, and if you look at the results that Home Depot reported today, and that Lowe's reported yesterday, the results do continue to suggest that...I think Lowe's is the better play here."

Nagel thinks that one reason why Lowe's market share gains look better is that Lowe's stores...look better.

"I travel the country quite a bit, and I look at the Home Depot and Lowe's stores, and, almost without fail, Lowe's stores look better than Home Depot," he said.