Political Capital with John Harwood

Dems Debate: Both Did Well But Is That Good For Hillary?


As you'll see from my interview with Ohio Gov Ted Strickland, a Hillary Clinton supporter, he believes that both candidates did well in Tuesday night's debate in Cleveland. That doesn't sound like what Mrs. Clinton needed at a time when Barack Obama is surging nationally, pulling even with her in Texas, and drawing close in Ohio.

By the acknowledgment of her former-president husband, she needs to win both states to blunt Mr. Obama's momentum and get back in the race.

Gov. Strickland and I discussed other points as well, from whether she should withdraw from the race if she loses in Ohio (up to her, he says), how tough John McCain might be in a general election Ohio campaign (plenty tough) and whether he looked forward to a vice presidential nod from either Democratic candidate. He said he had "no interest" in the second spot on the party's ticket--but he didn't rule it out.

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