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Housing Tanks, But Mortgage Fees Going Up

FeeDisclosure is a web site which provides consumers with the truth about mortgage fees. The company has just been bought by BankRate, and you can see its research on at

Should you really pay $75 to turn your document into a PDF file? Or $250 to email your application around? Aren’t emails free? And what’s the difference between the Document Printing Fee and the Copy Fee?

You would think with the current housing market lenders would be falling all over themselves to give you a deal by cutting fees. Apparently, the opposite is sometimes happening. FeeDisclosure’s President, Mike Kratzer, tells me that he’s seeing some fees go UP, especially in the recent spike in re-fi applications, especially “title fees, the w9 and email fees.”

Here are some of the latest numbers he’s found in his research:


Kratzer adds that some of the highest fees continue to be charged to borrowers in lower income communities. Why should anyone pay a higher prep or printing fee because of his zip code?

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