Where to Invest Now: Global Plays, Big Manufacturers

Natalie Erlich,|News Associate

Amid a wave of mixed economic signals, CNBC asked the pros where they would invest.

Ready For A Rebound

Find Tech Bargains

“And investors can get into prices that are very reasonable… Microsoft15 times earnings, Cisco 50 times earnings, yet they’re growing at greater rates than their PE ratios are. It’s a very unusual opportunity with a great margin of safety at the same time. It’s really unbelievable… We own them, and I believe the more they go down, the more they should be bought."

David Polen, Polen Capital

Think Global

“Disneyand Nike are two of the names I like because they are leveraged to the foreign consumer. You look at some of the emerging markets around the world and middle classes are growing, you’ve got more disposable income, and Disney and Nike are benefiting from that.”

David Spika, WHG Funds

Confusing market? Turn to CNBC's experts:


Invest in Australia

“It’s a triple play. You can play world growth, commodities and a soft U.S. dollar all with one investment. You have a country like Australia that is in an entirely different position than the United States. Its economy is very strong today. It’s benefiting from the commodities, both mining and agricultural, that it’s selling to the—to the Asian, which is just famish for their commodities.”

John Merrill, Tanglewood Capital Management

Tale of Two Economies

Play It Safe

"If you believe the manufacturing sector is going to be strong, things I think you should own there are Caterpillar , General Electric , Boeing , Emerson Electric.  The reason is, they all get more than half of their sales from outside the U.S.; they're well-managed companies, strong balance sheets; they're levered to the international infrastructure build-out, you're probably safe there."

Jack DeGan, Harbor Advisory Chief Investment Officer

DeGan recommends: Caterpillar , General Electric , Boeing and Emerson Electric .

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