Four-Star Stock Selections

Andrew Fisher

What's in the stars for two four-star fund managers?

Schwab portfolio manager Paul Alan Davis and David Sowerby of Loomis Sayles have found some potential shooting stars in technology and health care.

Market's Next Move

"We are slowly crawling back," Sowerby told CNBC, commenting on the current market environment.  "Nevertheless, we'll get another gut check." 

Sowerby thinks the market hit its lows in the third week of January.

"It's going to take some time," added Davis.

Sowerby's stock selections bridge the technology and consumer sectors.

""Corning is, I think, a very good name that's more consumer related within technology, with the liquid crystal displays for the flat-panel screens," he said.  "Likewise, on the consumer side, names like DirecTV; Spartan is a safer name; that's a retail food store in Michigan, smaller-cap name, but one I like very much."

He also likes Hewlett Packard.

Davis leans toward health care, citing pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts.

"Express Scripts is a really good story," he said.  "It's down 15 percent from its highs of last year, but this might be a really good entry point."

Davis and his family own Express Scripts.

Sowerby owns Corning, DirecTV, Spartan and Hewlett Packard; his firm owns more than 1 percent of Spartan.