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Mad Mail: Is Russia Buying a Majority Stake in Fannie Mae?

Dear Jim: Great job on calling out those responsible for delaying the merger between XM Satellite Radio and Sirius. These people do not want to be portrayed negatively in the news but it appears as if they have left us no choice. Their alliances with the terrestrial radio lobbyists border on criminal. If the merger does not go through, civil lawsuits will have to be levied against the government, which will cost taxpayers even more money!  Keep up the good work. --Mike in North Carolina

Mad Mail

Cramer says: A congressman who opposes the deal will appear on Mad Money Friday. Next week, Cramer will focus on those in terrestrial who are against the merger. One thing’s certain, though, “If anyone thinks I’m getting off this story,” Cramer said, “forget about it.”


Hello Mr. Cramer: I am told that Russia owns or is about to own 70% of Fannie Mae . I have found nothing on their website to validate the above comment. So I am asking you, the God of Stocks, the Superman for the Common Investor, and all-around genius, is there any truth to this rumor?  Thank you for your time, which I know is valuable. --Holly in New York

Cramer says: “Lex Luther has a better chance of owning 70% than Russia.” Cramer’s not confident the stock will go up. “The losses look bad.”

Jimbo, Bababababa-Booyah!: I just initiated a position in Corning. I've done my homework and I think they're in a great position for 2008. Everything looks great, they just announced a nice quarter, you've even given your endorsement (which is a must for any trade I make)...except...there has been a lot of insider selling in the last two weeks. I know insiders buy and sell for many different reasons, but do you think I should be worrying about this? --Jonathan

Cramer says: A recent meeting in New York went well, Cramer said, and the company’s pre-announced and then beat earnings, much like IBM did, but the stock price never moved. But Cramer wants to stick with it. “I know one day we’ll wake up and that stock will be at $30.”

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