Stock Picks For Curing the Weak-Dollar Blues

Brooke Sopelsa,|Video Producer

With a declining dollar and Thursday's weaker-than-expected economic data, the markets can seem a little scary. To ease investors' fears, CNBC asked the experts where they would put their money.

Betting on Cyclicals

“I'm gravitating more toward the early cyclicals.  I might be early and a little wrong before I’m right, but I’d be in technology.  Corning I think is a very good name that’s more consumer-related within technology, with the liquid crystal displays for the flat-panel screens.  Likewise on the consumer side, [I like] names like DirecTV .  Spartan is a safer name; that’s a retail food store here in Michgan –- smaller-cap name but one I like very much.”

- David Sowerby, Loomis Sayles & Co.

Weak Dollar Plays

Weak Dollar Plays

"You’ve got three traditional ways to play a weakening dollar.  One is your U.S. multinationals ... your Procter & Gambles , your Cokes [Coca-Cola] , McDonald’s -- they have extensive overseas revenues … The other way to go is to go overseas yourself.  Buy into a European sector fund, where those companies, particularly a small-cap European sector fund, where they’re getting most of their revenues in the euro … Another way to go is just your traditional commodity plays, and of course in the stock market that basically means your energy companies, because as the dollar depreciates, things like gold, copper and oil are all going to go up -– your Chevrons , your Conocos , your Freeport McMoRans -– those are all good plays for a weakening dollar scenario."

- David Dietze, Point View Financial Services President & Chief Investment Strategist

Trading Dell Ahead of Earnings

“We think Dell is attractive with a long-term horizon.  The next few months could be choppy for tech stocks in general.  Dell does have high U.S. enterprise exposure; 62 percent of revenues from the Americas, for example, but I think that Dell has a real chance for a turnaround based on reducing head count –- they have a target of around 10 percent –- and also reducing operating expenses in general.”

- Shebly Seyrafi, of Caris & Co. Managing Director of Tech Research