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Fast Money’s Widget Is A Hit! – Read The Review

Earlier this week Fast Money debuted it’s brand new widget and the reviews are starting to come in. Put the extra big letters on the marquis and turn on the flashing lights because we’ve got something to shout about.

Well, maybe flashing lights are a bit much, but were really did get a nice write up from OnlineVideoWatch. Here’s a quote. “Nice job CNBC. Clean, functional widget that meets your goals…” Don’t believe me. Read the entire review for yourself.

Wait! What’s a widget??? Well it’s a sleek little thing-a-ma-jig that allows you to trade like the pros, even faster!  Click here to check it out.

And while we're at it - a glowing review is nice, but quite frankly it's what you think that matters. Write a critique yourself, then send it to us and your review could be published on The Rapid Recap. Or answer the Fast Money Reader Poll and tell us what you think, right now!

-- Lee Brodie

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