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Game Plan: Buy Visa IPO

Cramer’s Game Plan for next week is pretty straightforward: Do whatever you can to get in on Visa’s IPO.

Game Plan

The Mad Money host has a feeling that Visa’s coming public offering is going to be “instant opportunity” for whoever can get it. Because the IPO market has been so shoddy lately, brokers across the country are desperate to give their clients a win and they think Visa – which will trade under the ticker ‘V’ – will be it.

To get an idea of what’s in store for Visa, look no further than its rival Mastercard , which came public in 2006. MA has been an unbelievable winner for the folks who got in early – the stock is up 313% since the IPO and that’s off its highs. Cramer thinks Visa has the chance to yield similar, if not better, gains because it follows the same model and even beats MA in a lot of areas.

Cramer pointed out that, while Visa and Mastercard both fit into the vague and encompassing category of credit-related stocks, they are not victims of the credit crisis and should not be treated as such because they don’t actually lend anyone a dime – they just make money processing electronic payments.

The bottom line? When Wall Street you a gift, take it. Cramer recommends doing what it takes to get a piece of the Visa IPO before it hits the open market sometime in the next few weeks.

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