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Cramer on TKC

Days like Friday can make even the sanest investors lose faith in this stock market. But if you listen to Cramer, you’d know that this is the time to trim back on some American stocks that are getting beaten down by our less-than-stellar economy and load up on high-growth international plays – that’s where the real money is in this market and it’s no better illustrated than in Turkcell , the Turkish telco giant.

Why the fuss over wireless? Here at home the wireless market is fully saturated, meaning just about everyone who wants a cell phone already has one. But that’s not the case overseas. Turkey had been an under-penetrated market for a long time, although it is suggested that by the end of this year it should reach 100% penetration. Could that stem Turkcell’s unbelievable growth (just check out the 5-year chart)? Cramer doesn’t think so.

Both of Turkcell’s major competitors – Avea and U.K.-based Vodafone – have been cutting prices aggressively, yet Turkcell took the other route and raised its prices. What happened? It added more subscribers than both its competitors and increased revenue per user, all because of its strong brand and higher quality service.

And that’s not all that Turkcell has going for it. Watch the videoto find out about its weak-dollar advantage, the possibility of a buyback and more.

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