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Jeff Greene, Boeing And Countrywide: Your Emails

The Funny Biz email inbox is overflowing this morning:

On my profile of real estate mogul Jeff Greene Friday, an email from one of his tenants, Jim G, who says there have been a lot of problems:
"Just wanted to give you a word of caution before you get too far out there portraying Jeffrey Greene as a 'nice' guy...Maintenance has never been too great around here, but last year it came to a dead stop to the point where the tenants had to organize a rent strike. Some of the repairs that had gone unfixed for months included a broken window, a hole between floors caused by a bathroom leak, a broken stove, and my personal favorite, a bathtub faucet that had been stuck wide open for months! This was not a case of abusive tenants, we actually put forth a fair amount of effort trying to keep the place maintained on our own. Finally after we had an L.A. building inspector in to give the building a bad report, things improved."

On the surprise decision to award the Air Force tanker deal to Northrop Grumman/EADS over Boeing, Kenneth W. calls it "an American loss":
"Please explain the thinking behind giving EADS, a French aircraft builder, the contract for the US Air Forces' new supertanker. My understanding is that Boeing would have provided 19000 more jobs for US workers and built a tanker for the Air Force for $25,000,000 less per plane."

(Note: I don't know what Boeing's cost offer was)

A lot of very heated email on Countrywide canceling two Florida events for its sales staff:

From Eddie H:
"As a former employee's of Countrywide Wholesale, the Account Executives deserve this trip...These people busted their butts to earn it and made the money that Countrywide expected them to, to go to this. It has been planned for well over a year and half, so don't treat this as a last minute trip set up for a bunch of posh top exec's, this if for the grunts in the street that have had to battle bad (and mostly incorrect) media that has caused most of Countrywide's problems... How can I say this? Well Chase, Citi, Indy Mac and Wells Fargo and all major players did Sub Prime and Option ARMS, but you and the drive by media only focused on Angelo because he decided after YEARS of ownership to sell his stock and reap the benefits of owning that company for nearly 40 years!!! You guys are a joke when it come to reporting...get your story right before you ruin more peoples lives just to sell your RAG!"

From Bell M:
"You are a joke. Today Countrywide announced we are not having our annual Circle of Excellence awards in Florida. Although they would not name you, I can see for myself you are the scum who started this. You are a just a bad person..."

From Adam D:
"I am certainly not defending Countrywide in any way shape or form. However, would you please tell me why the media is scrutinizing them for having company sponsored meetings? I'm sure the company (Countrywide) has a need to continue meeting with, training and/or educating their employees / vendors. I mean, they are in business still aren't they?"

From Erika:
"I am a previous employee of Countrywide...the employees who make it to the tier for COE work extremely hard to get there. The people who are being rewarded in 2008 were going for their 2007 accomplishments, well before the market and industry tumbled. These employees have every right to be honored for their dedication and due diligence in trying to help people every day. It is especially trying for employees trying to help out the people in trouble the best way they can with the market. I am so sick and tired of you and the rest of the media bashing Countrywide."

From June B:
"I think this was none of your business. If Countrywide had something planned for their employees - who cares????? It has nothing to do with people that don't pay their mortgages!!!!"

From Brian K:
"The Countrywide sycophants are truly a piece of work. First they blame the home buyers by claiming they shouldn't have bought more house than they could afford, conveniently forgetting they have a financial duty to their OWN company to not write risky loans. Then we have shareholders who are worried about their investment tanking claiming that the bad press is hurting the company, again, conveniently leaving out the gross negligence of the people who run the company and their tacit endorsement of company policy. When your house is burning down, throwing a party is considered criminal."

From Larry G:
"Please stay on it. Their predatory lending practices were a disgrace."

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