Trouble?  Five-Star Manager Looks For It

Andrew Fisher

In his quest for stocks to buy, it seems as though Patrick Cunningham of Manning and Napier is a guy who goes lookng for trouble.

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Cunningham's five-star fund is up an average of 14.1 percent per year over the last five years.

His list begins with Unilever.

"Unilever is the third-largest consumer-staples manufacturer and producer in the world," he told CNBC.  "What makes them unique is they have been going through, and continue to go through, some pretty dramatic re-structuring...and they are gaining market share across what we think is the most important area, and that is in emerging markets."

Cunningham also likes a company that is heavily levered to the badly-beaten housing sector:  forest-products giant Weyerhaeuser.

"They're two-thirds off of their peak earnings," he said.  "There may be some short-term pressure on the stock, but we certainly like it long-term."