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Inflation: It's Hitting The Entertainment Dollar As Well

Everything costs more these days, even a night at the movies. I spent $14 on a movie ticket the other day--I can't even admit how much my husband and I spent on a tub of popcorn! Yes, it was a fancy new theater but there's no question, movie ticket costs are going up across the board.

It's a combination of inflation, and pressure on theater owners to upgrade everything from their projectors to their seats. And commodity prices -- including higher fuel prices-- are directly pushing the price of popcorn and other snacks up. So don't be surprised if Raisinettes cost $5 bucks next time you go to the movies.

Renting a movie isn't much better: DVD rental costs were up 5.7 percent this January from last year and that's compared to an overall 4.3 percent consumer inflation. And expect to pay more if you head out for a beer or glass of wine after that film--the cost of alcoholic beverages away from home are up 4.4 percent over the past year.

If sporting events are more your speed, ticket prices were up 4.3 percent in January from the past year. And here in LA, our home team the Dodgers, had to jack up prices. Known for some of the cheapest cheap seats in Major League Baseball, its prices are going up across the board. The least expensive seats are going up 12.5 percent.

Lucky for Dodger fans they're still affordable--now nine bucks. But when it comes to the rising cost of Dodger dogs, the team is keeping prices flat--they'd rather eat the difference. Something as iconic as a Dodger dog has to be accessible to everyone.

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