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Cash Alternative: Con Ed

Ben Bernanke did Consolidated Edison a favor. Two in fact, Cramer said. The Fed chief created the recession that drove investors into the safer utilities, and his rate cuts made high-yielding stocks like ConEd much more attractive than cash.

Yesterday, Cramer rattled off a number of stocks with great yields, but he reiterated his ConEd call today because it’s such a strong company. Not to mention, ED’s 5.7% dividend payout – even after taxes – beats the return on both the 10-year and 30-year bonds.

As more investors flock to high yielders like ED, these stocks go up, Cramer said. But that’s not the only reason ED’s a buy. A massive earnings beat at the end of January was a proper start to the year, and regulators gave the company permission to raise electricity prices. Management also announced it would issue less stock as a way to cover capital expenditures, which means more value for investors who already hold shares.

Cash is trash right now, Cramer said. He recommended investors looking for income go with ConEd for the yield, and because it’s a great recession stock for any portfolio.

Watch the video for the full breakdown on why ConEd’s a buy.

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