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See What People Are Saying On Thursday Mar. 6th

My son has a iPod touch (the same keyboard as iPhone) that I bought him for Christmas. I compared the keyboard to my BlackBerry and in my opinion, I could never get used to an iPhone's keyboard in comparison to the convenience and functionality of a full keyboard on a BlackBerry.

We had speed tests together and I win hands down. It's too small and difficult to use more than one thump or finger at a time. The larger screen is nice but taking into consideration the feel and handling of the two devices along with the seamless technology of BlackBerry's e-mail service, there is no chance that I would change for an iPhone. 

- Jim K.

Thanks for taking the time to write to us, Jim. For those of you who didn't see yesterday's show Jim is talking about Wednesday's post, Apple: The Next BlackBerry in which Fast Money revealed that Steve Jobs wants you to use his iPhone for business instead of your BlackBerry. Check it out.

-- Lee Brodie


Oil prices at $100 a barrel will be the catalyst for alternative energy. At these prices oil becomes a political issue. Something the oil companies try to avoid. Let's hope the new administration shows the courage and vision that will guide this country away from it's reckless dependency of foreign oil.

-- Kevin C.

Interesting point Kevin, and that leads to our Reader Poll. Do you think $100 oil will be the catalyst that drives public interest in alternative energy?

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