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Announcing's Minor League Baseball Logo Contest!

About a year ago, I started the first annual CNBC Minor League Baseball logo awards.It was just my opinion of what were the coolest logos in minor league sports. Then I got an avalanche of email from team executives complaining that they never had a chance. Many advocated for an open vote. So here it is.

From Monday, March 10 through Monday, March 31, this blog will be the host to the Second Annual Minor League Logo Awards (though history might show that it was the first democratic one). It's pretty self-explanatory. I went through tons of logos and picked out the best of the best. In true March Madness spirit (and mixing my sports), I chose the top 64, seeded them and built a bracket.

Today, we reveal the teams that made the cut and their seeding. To see all 64 teams, click here.Over the next couple weeks these teams will face off in a single-elimination tournament. You, the reader, will vote as to which one you prefer and the team with the most votes will move on to the next round.

Come back here Monday to see the opening match ups. Good luck to all!

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