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Mad Mail: How Do You Predict Price of Gold?

Dear Jim: Thank you so much for speaking the truth about the reckless actionof [McClatchy CEO] Mr. Gary Pruitt, a.k.a. Shemp. I’ve been silently calling for his head for some time. He ruined the last great American newspaper company. I’ve worked in the newsroom of the Sacramento Bee for the past five years and we’re dropping like flies. It seems every month or so a staffer leaves the hive and no one new fills the role. It amazes me that if the worker bees are moving the company forward, then why don’t they listen to what the drones have to say? The higher-ups simply don’t get it. [Pruitt] stands behind the decision to acquire Knight Ridder. I really wish he would have asked us bees first before moving the company to ruin. Thanks for speaking up for the little guy.

Cramer says:
“For the record, I got a lot of people really upset that I said this guy was Shemp because Shemp had a very respectable reputation.”


Mad Mail

Booyah Jim!: I have a question about gold. You mentioned on an earlier show that you think gold can go to $1,600. Unlike stocks there’s no P/E ratio and no earnings to predict a target price. What metrics do you use to value the price of gold? I’d like to hear what the President of Cramerica has to say on this subject. Thanks for all you do for the little guy! --Jim

Cramer says: I rely on the CEOs of great gold companies like Yamana and Agnico-Eagle . I also look at supply and demand and the relationship between gold and the dollar.


Booyah Jim: I want to take this opportunity to thank you for signing the book for my son Christof as he heads out to serve overseas. It is not often in today's world that someone really cares and does a simple act of kindness that means so much to so many. Keep up the great work, Jim, and don't ever change. You are as real as they get. --Walter

Cramer says: Thank you. Your son is a hero in Cramerica.


Dear Jim: I am writing to respond to your disparaging comments about our Pabst Blue Ribbon brand… As background, Pabst Blue Ribbon is owned by a charitable foundation from which proceeds go to support schools and hospitals. Knowing that you are very involved in a charitable trust, I am sure you can understand our consternation when we listened to your very unflattering comments about our brand…I would like to provide you with some clear-cut evidence that fully refutes your statements about Pabst Blue Ribbon's quality:

1.) PBR has grown over 75% since 2000 while most other brands in the domestic lager segment of the beer category have declined.

2.) PBR has won gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival in 2005 and 2006, and at the World Beer Cup in 2006.

…Please in the future have a little consideration for the little guy who is striving to succeed in a tough competitive environment…I have enclosed a PBR hat as an advanced "thank-you."


Brad Hittle
Chief Marketing Officer

Cramer says: PBR is what I drink on the weekends! (Check out the picture)

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