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VW's Plans, Nine Year Auto Loans: Your Emails

After numerous road trips over the last week and half, it's been a while since I had a chance to share some of your e-mails about my recent blogs. And boy have some of them touched a nerve.

On VW's turnaround plan, a number of you are skeptical. Glen told me: "'s all about "R.E.L.I.A.B.I.L.I.T.Y !!!!!!! Tell the new North American CEO to improve on that!!"

Judy wrote, "Getting rid of the unpronounceable names might be a start to re-invigorate VW! ("Toureag??")"

Terry blasted VW for a number of things, including questionable dealings with VW dealers saying, "VW dealers never know what is in the pipe line and answer with arrogance."

After I wrote about 9 year auto loans popping up and whether that's a bad thing, many of you answered with an emphatic, "YES!"

Ed wrote, "You can only cram so much debt into the magic box...I wonder what the car biz will look like next year when the auto credit bubble finally pops. Along with credit cards. It's going to be UGLY...."

Paul told me the automakers ought to reduce the problem of people trying to pay for pricey models by rolling out smaller, lower priced cars. Otherwise, he said, "if lenders continue to allow ever increasing repayment terms will we be headed for another “sub-prime” problem down the road?"

Michael agrees. He wrote, "Isn't this how banks and consumers got into trouble with mortgages? I guess we'll be bailing out the car loan industry in 5 years (or 9)."

Finally, my mis-spelled or incorrect use of words prompted more than a few of you to say, "dude, proof-read your blogs better."

Larry caught my mistake and wrote: "It is not "peak his interest" but "pique his interest."

Thanks for the e-mails. Yes, I read them (even those that blast me) and love the feedback.

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