Gaining Green By Going Green

Andrew Fisher,

What stocks get a green light from a fund manager who focuses on "green" stocks?

Jackson Robinson's Winslow Green Growth Fund is up an average of 20.5 percent per year over the last five years.

Your Best Trades Now

It's suffered some recent setbacks, and Robinson admits it's filled with small-cap stocks that tend to move dramatically in volatile markets. But he has confidence that well-managed, solid companies will eventually be positioned to thrive.

His first choice is LSB Industries.

"This is really a geothermal heat pump disguised as a chemical company," he said.  "Geothermal is capturing the heat that's five or more feet under the earth, and using it to pre-heat or pre-cool water in homes or guys have been doing it longer than anybody else, and they're by far the market leader."

Robinson also likes First Solar.

He does not own either stock personally, but his firm owns them in its mutual funds.