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Jobs: Some Are There For The Picking, America

Apparently the U.S. job market isn’t completely reverting to 10,000 B.C.

The online job recruiting site Jobfox says some jobs are still in high demand: Software Development (I guess it’s not all going to India), Nursing, Accounting/Finance Execs (I bet!) Sales Reps, and Administrative Assistants. These are based on Jobfox’s check of 4,000 job openings over the last four months.

Rounding out the top ten are Corporate Finance (wait, I thought they already said that with Accounting/Finance Execs), Networking/System Administrators, Intelligence (interesting), General Accounting (again, didn’t we already go over this?) and Tech Customer Support (wait, MORE jobs coming back from India?)

Jobfox says 43 percent of corporate recruiters it surveyed expect to increase staffing this year, 21 percent expect to decrease it, and the rest are either not sure or planning to stay the same.

The release also said it listed the expected median income for each position, but I tried for an hour in a variety of ways to open up the pdf file and failed. Obviously, either I need to hire a Networking/System Administrator or they do.

But here’s what I love about sites like They are riddled with modern-day “consultant speak,” saying it’s a place where “personally branded candidates” find jobs. I don’t think I want to brand myself, personally.

Check out this graph:
“Jobfox is the Web's first personal-branding site that puts candidates in control of career-advancement opportunities. On Jobfox, professionals showcase their unique career strengths and goals, and are intelligently matched, alerted and connected -- in real time -- to new career opportunities. A free Jobfox page is available to professionals to market their unique personal skills, talents, work-styles, career desires and job-change receptivity.”

Job-change receptivity?????

Look, I’m no marketing expert, but I have a pretty sensitive bull-o-meter, and I would much prefer something that says, “Jobfox is a unique site that puts you, the job-seeker, in control of finding a better job. We showcase your strengths and goals, and we are able to connect you with the best new opportunities immediately. Better yet, it doesn’t cost you a thing.”

But that would be conversational English, which may not brand you intelligently in real time.

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