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Judging Spitzer: Sounding Off on 'Mr. Clean'

Brooke Sopelsa|Video Producer

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, once known as the Sheriff of Wall Street and Mr. Clean, has been linked to a high-priced prostitution ring.  The allegations have rocked New York, and Wall Street in particular. 

Langone Uncut

Ken Langone: "He's a Hypocrite."

“He’s a hypocrite.  He destroyed reputations of people who had good reputations, deserved reputations.  He talked today about his standards, but what he didn’t talk about was the standards he held everybody else to that he couldn’t keep…We all have our own private hells.  I hope his private hell is hotter than anybody else’s.”

Kenneth Langone, Home Depot Founder & Former NYSE Board Member

Wall St. Reaction to Spitzer Scandal

Art Cashin: Reaction on Wall Street

“I didn’t hear any cheer, but I heard a lot of animated conversation, and somebody said the best thing that you could own yesterday was the nearest liquor store to Ken Langone’s house, because there were probably 33 cases of champagne being ordered.”

Art Cashin, UBS Director of Floor Operations

The Spin on Spitzer

Sonnenfeld: "He Has to Step Down"

He absolutely has to step down.  He’s lost his moral legitimacy to lead.  There’s no justification he has to stay there, and he’s been a shame to his own party.

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Yale School of Management Senior Associate Dean

Spitzer Reaction from Langone

Former Lt. Gov: "Grave Situation"

“New York state government is in a grave situation, and the people of New York are going to feel the effects of it even before the revenue declines we will now experience as a result of Wall Street.  So put into that context this new event, and the serious consequences are even more serious if he does not resign right away, because government will be even more distracted.”

Betsy McCaughey, Former New York Lieutenant Governor