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Minor League Baseball Logo Awards -- Day Three

Well, it was a pretty predictable day yesterday, as almost everything went according to form. The only news of the day was the No. 8 seed, the Durham Bulls, losing to the No. 9 seed, the Grand Prairie Air Hogs. The Bulls is a classic logo that couldn't be forgotten here, but it's not going to win this thing 20 years after Kevin Costner made it popular.  So here's a look at the first bracket completed through the first round.

So here's a look at the first bracket completed through the first round.

As many of you know, I eliminated the Fresno Grizzlies because I determined that its logo was too similar to that of the Yakima Bears. In retrospect, I should have had a play-in game, but it's too late for that now. Given the response I've received every time I've lifted a finger in this contest, I wasn't surprised when this e-mail came into my box late yesterday afternoon.

Mr. Rovell,

When your Minor League Baseball Logo Contest was announced on Friday, the news that the Fresno Grizzlies logo had been slotted as a #7 seed was unquestionably disappointing to the Grizzlies, their fans, and the Central Valley baseball community.  However we were determined to become the Cinderella story of this tournament and looked forward to proving that we were snubbed by the seeding committee.

Unfortunately, that is now a moot point due to your unjustified and indefensible decision to remove the Fresno Grizzlies altogether from the tournament.  Putting aside the fact that you eliminated a #7 seed rather than a #10 seed due to similarities, the Fresno Grizzlies logo has already been judged to be superior to the Yakima Bears in a Minor League Baseball poll.

Our strength of schedule (hosting the San Francisco Giants), difficult conference schedule (the Pacific Coast League as opposed to an average mid-major from the Midwest or Carolina Leagues for instance), and other attributes make your decision to remove the Grizzlies logo from the bracket completely ill-advised.  Our tournament resume was sound, and the committee has chosen to ignore these facts.

In our increasingly litigious society we would prefer not to go down a legal road, but if you do not "bear" the burden of this decision with a public recognition of its injustice, we will be forced to act accordingly.


Paul Kennedy
Director of Media and Public Relations
Fresno Grizzlies

Here's hoping printing this note absolves me from any legal action.

So without further ado, vote away. To see teams not included in today's vote, click here.

#5 Albuquerque Isotopes vs. #12 Las Vegas 51's

#4 Ft. Wayne Wizards vs. #13 Peoria Chiefs

#6 New Britain Rock Cats vs. #11 Carolina Mudcats

#3 Southern Illinois Miners vs. #14 Pensacola Pelicans

#7 South Georgia Peanuts vs. #10 Anderson Joes

Remember, votes are tallied up until 9 a.m. ET on Thursday morning. Tomorrow's matchups are: #2 West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx vs. #15 Great Lake Loons, #1 Connecticut Defenders vs. #16 Trenton Thunder, #8 Salem Avalanche vs. #9 Great Falls Voyagers, #5 Island Empire 66ers vs. #12 Wichita Wingnuts and #4 Savannah Sand Gnats vs. #13 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.

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