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On the Line: Darling International CEO Randal Stuewe

Spotlight on Darling International

How about a stock that’s a biofuel play, a green play and an animal feed play? Darling International , a largely unknown company, touches on all three of those sweet spots. On Wednesday’s Mad Money, CEO Randal Stuewe told Cramer Darling is just getting started.

The company recovers and recycles food products by turning the leftovers into fuel and feed. Those are two industries in the throes of all-time high prices, so wouldn’t that make Darling the ultimate way to benefit? The company still only trades at 16 times earnings, although you would have been up 50% if you got in when a Lightning Round caller brought it to Cramer’s attention last May.

Stuewe said he wasn’t sure if his business was the answer to our energy crisis, but did say Darling has the power to “make a dent” and complement the petroleum industry as a source for alternative fuel.

“We were green before green was cool,” he said.

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