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The Air Force Answers Boeing

Well, the tanker decision uproar has reached DEFCON 1, and it's all hands on deck. Boeing is filing a formal protest, and the Government Accounting Office may now spend the next 100 days reviewing it. The GAO could potentially force the Air Force to reopen the bidding.

The Air Force was ready for this.

It has released a statement acknowledging Boeing's "right" to formally submit a protest. "The Air Force will carefully evaluate the protest, defend our source selection decision and allow the GAO to make its final decision."

The statement goes on to say that the Air Force took unprecedented measures to keep the competition transparent and provided "continuous feedback" to competitors to promote fair competition.

"Several independent reviews assessed the process as sound and thorough." In the end, the Air Force feels it chose the tanker that "will provide the best value to the American taxpayer and to the warfighter."

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