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Mad Mail: Is Carlyle the Next Long Term Capital?

Dear Jim: Carlyle seems to be suffering from the same fate as Long Term Capital Management. In those rare cases when a financial firm ultimately fails a bottom is often signaled...what are your thoughts? --Gary in Aspen

Cramer says: “No, that’s too small a firm. It can’t bring down the system like Long Term Capital.” Watch the video for Cramer’s explanation of how Carlysle’s money-making strategy resembled a roulette wheel – and where it failed.

Mad Mail


Hi big guy J.C., Regina & staff: I can't believe that you guys had another star (aka Bessie) last night. I thought your job was to make the big guy look good and not be upstaged. You realize you cameo'd who could be the greatest warm-n-fuzzy, up-and-coming star since Arnold from the Green Acres era. I'm sure after the Spam thing, juice and all, Jim's Manhattan party invite quotient dropped severely. Thanks for the laughs. --Joe

Cramer says: “Ever since I dissed Steve Schwartz and and Blackstone, I haven’t been invited to a single party other than a pajama party. Check the video for a clip of last night’s visitor.

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