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The 'Real Banks'

Cramer: Go for the "Real Banks"

“Bank” is a relative term in this market, it seems. Usually, the word conjures images of massive vaults overflowing with cash and gold. But the Federal Reserve bailout of Bear Stearns proved that’s just not the case. Maybe, though, there are better examples of what a bank should be than the banks themselves.

At least that’s Cramer’s take on it. While the financial sector suffers one catastrophe after another, there are other businesses awash in cash, he said. This is where you should be putting your money.

Defensive stocks like Procter & Gamble , Colgate-Palmolive , Coca-Cola and Pepsico all have “gigantic hordes” of money. So, too, do tech bellwethers Apple , Cisco Systems and Intel .

Exxon Mobile is using its bountiful reserves to buyback stock rather than drill for more oil, Cramer said, “but in this market I’ll take that, too.”

And business is still booming for the Caterpillars , 3Ms and Honeywells of the world as well, thanks in part to the weak dollar. As the orders roll in for these companies, so does the cash.

Any of these stocks are better plays than the so-called banks Ben Bernanke is so concerned about, Cramer said. Maybe it’s time to make a deposit.

Watch the video as Cramer answers callers' questions about blue-chips stocks, Merck and how emotional supply and demand works in this market.

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