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YouTube Hits A Wrong "Note" With Mariah Carey?

Just like its parent company Google , YouTube become a verb. I've heard it used two ways: "Did you YouTube that crazy pepsi-mentos stunt?" which usually meaning, did you look the video up on YouTube; or sometimes meaning, did you tape that stunt and put it up on YouTube?

Well you know YouTube is an integral part of pop culture when Mariah Carey references the video site in the chorus of her new "Touch My Body" single.

And in an example of how utterly meta our post-modern media world has gotten, that video has snagged some three million plus views (and counting) on YouTube.

I think it's got to be good advertising for YouTube--you can check out the full lyrics--but Ms. Carey seems to be talking about how she doesn't want to find an illicit video of her on YouTube--which is enough to make an adolescent boy look for said video on there. And more eyeballs mean more potential ad dollars for the site.

Check out this part of the refrain:
If there's a camera up in here
Then it's gonna leave with me
When I do (I do)
If there's a camera up in here
Then I'd best not catch this flick
On YouTube (YouTube)

In totally unrelated YouTube news, the Chinese government is reportedly blocking YouTube to prevent Chinese users from seeing videos showing reports about protests in Tibet, as well as video of Tibet-related protests around the world. There are 210 million Internet users in China, but it's pretty common of the government to block access to online content that's considered subversive or anti-government.

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