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Mad Mail: Cramer Gets a Laugh on 'Daily Show'

Cramer began "Mad Mail" by responding to his skewering at the hands of Jon Stewart last night on The Daily Show. Stewart was poking fun at Cramer's much talked about Bear Stearns call. Read about it right here.Watch the video for more. 

Mad Mail

Dear Jim: Is Wells Fargo going to be a winner out of all this? They seem to have the wherewithal to withstand crises and buy assets on the cheap. And it's a pretty strong endorsement that Warren Buffett bought more last quarter. What do you think? --Ron in Texas

Cramer said he thinks Wells Fargo’s lobbying the Federal Reserve to be next line to buy a failing bank, just like JPMorgan Chase did with Bear Stearns . Wells, US Bancorp and Goldman Sachs are all in a position to do that.


Dear Jim: In this bear market, I would love to know which "addictive" company to invest my dollars in, Starbucks or Hershey. Both look to be bottoming out, but then again, I'm a first time investor. Help! --Vincent in New York

Cramer says: “I believe in Howard Schultz turning around Starbucks. But I have said it’s an 18-month turn. So you have to be very, very patient. Hershey, I still don’t see a bottom in that.”

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