5-Star Manager:  Look Overseas

Andrew Fisher

All the excitement in the United States this week may have distracted investors from the global investment scene.  Five-star fund co-manager Wendy Trevisani suggests that would be a mistake, and she has some prominent international names to prove it.

Her Thornburg International Value Fund is up an average of 23.93 percent per year over the last five years.

Five Star Investing

Her first pick is Israeli-based Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

"You've got the defensive characteristics, coupled with the leading player in the generics market, so they're gaining share, and they've got exposure around the world," she told CNBC.  "They've got branded drugs, too, so they've got high margins, and they get volume discounts. They have a great supply chain, they're vertically integrated, and they're trading at a historically-low valuation."

She also likes Swiss technology equipment maker Logitech, auto giant Toyota, and another Swiss giant, Nestle, the world's largest food company.

"I think there are a lot of bargains out there," she said.  "If you can find companies that have pricing power, have barriers to entry, strong management teams and sound balance sheets...I think you're going to do well in the long term."

Trevisani and her family own shares of Teva, Logitech, Toyota and Nestle; her firm also owns Toyota and Nestle.