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Tiger Woods On the Home Front: Separating Fact From Fiction

Somehow, the New York Post is still standing by its cover story that Tiger Woods bought a $65 million home in the Hamptons despite the fact that the real estate agent said he never even visited the home and his agent Mark Steinberg said he didn't buy the mansion.

I'm not sure what it is specifically with Tiger Woods and houses, but the next time I hear a story, I'll be extra cautious.

There was a story last June that circulated that said that Tiger Woods' $38 million home on Jupiter Island--in Florida--was destroyed by lightning. It wasn't. The guest house was. And a couple years ago, I got e-mailed pictures of the insides of what was supposedly of Woods' home in Orlando, which they were not. It turned out they matched a home in Hawaii.

I guess Woods is so intriguing because he's so dominant at the game and also so private. So people really want to get the scoop on him.

I guess a scoop--like when it came out that he bought the yacht named "Privacy" and ironically sued the yacht builder--is so valuable that it often doesn't matter if it's true.

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