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Mad Mail: Should Investors Hold Out for Foster Wheeler?

Dear Cramer:Good call -- "H&R Block Director bought 2.435 million shares at $19.09-$20.76 on March 18-20 (20.70 +0.38)"… The Director is Richard Breeden of Breeden Capital Mgmt. --Steve

Cramer says: Thank you, Steve, for following up on our picks.


Talk to me, Goose!: I am spooked. I'm out, I'm gone, and I'm sleeping better. I am two-thirds in mutual funds and one-third in cash. The market looks good today. Will this keep going? Is it time to come back? Should I dollar cost in or put it all in mutual funds until I get my confidence back or keep my powder dry? --Kevin

Cramer says: “I want you to be in Ken Heebner’s fund. Go get Jim Cramer’s Stay Mad for Life, and I want you to put some money in it Monday morning.”


Dear Cramer: Love your show, thanks for getting me off the sidelines and into the game. Best move I have made in a long time. My question is about Foster Wheeler. Did my homework, balance sheet looks good, they are sitting on a nice pile of cash and they just acquired Biokinetics, yet the stock has been in a serious House of Pain. My instinct says keep buying on the downside and reap the rewards within six to nine months, but I would love to hear your outlook on this. Hail to the Chief of Cramerica! --William

Cramer says: You have to go buy it here. I totally agree with you. This stock’s down almost 50%. Foster Wheeler is my favorite, and I think you buy it. If it goes to $40, you put 20% of your capital in this darn thing. That’s show serious I am about Foster Wheeler.”


Dear Jim: On Monday you presented several "new bank stocks,” these being companies that have a lot of cash.  My question is how safe are the cash reserves of these companies? How can I find out if a company has its cash reserves held in risky investments? --Mark

Cramer says: “They try to disclose them every quarter. Intel was one of my “banks” that raised its quarterly dividend today. I don’t like Intel for this quarter. I like it for the future.”

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