BlackRock's Doll: Market Has Turned a Corner

Andrew Fisher

"No one rings the bell at the bottom, but I think I hear a bell ringing," BlackRock's Bob Doll told CNBC.

Investing's "trillion-dollar man" is the latest to suggest that the market has finally turned the corner.

"I do think an important low occurred last Monday, following the important low in mid-January," he said. 


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Doll urged investors to pay attention to so-called "early cyclical" stocks.

"Gap. Best Buy, TJX, are among the names that we own," he said.  "But we still like the multi-nationals, the technology names that you've heard us talk about before, the Hewletts (Hewlett Packard), the IBMs (IBM).  We still like the health-care companies, Pfizer, with a yield over 6 percent."