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FDA's Internet Facelift Still A Work In Progress


If you haven't seen it yet, check out the new homepage of the Food and Drug Administration web site: The agency unveiled it the other day. The interior of the web site still looks pretty much the same.

They're working on the rest of it and say it'll be completely redone by the end of this year. In the meantime, the site remains difficult to navigate in spots.

I think it's too cluttered, not all that user-friendly, and somewhat counterintuitive when it comes to finding new warnings, communications, etc. in a hurry when I'm on deadline. I look forward to surfing the new-and-improved version when it's finished.

But guess who's quasi-blogging on the new site? Yep, none other than the commish. That's right, Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach has kicked off a weekly online communication, "Andy's Take." You can check out his first installment here.

But it's a one-way thing. This will, no doubt, come as a disappointment to Dendreonians and Provenge proponents among others, but there's no link to email Andy or post comments on his "blog".

You can, however, email me--not with questions for Andy--but with your comments on the blog and all things pharma anytime:

Time permitting, I'm happy to answer questions about facts, but please don't ask me for buy, sell, hold recommendations because I don't/won't give 'em. Thanks.

Questions?  Comments?

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