Trader Talk

Markets Just Some 240 Points Away From "Different Game"

Stocks mostly sideways today, some disappointment that the dollar is getting hit and commodities are coming back.

Still, we are at the highs of the day, highs for the month, and if we can just squeeze another 200 points or so from the Dow on the upside--and maybe 40 points from the S&P 500--we will bust above the February highs. Then, boom…the game will be very different. Sentiment has definitely improved, though worries on the economy remain.

FedHeads everywhere! Look at this list of Fed speakers for the rest of the week—I’m already fatigued!

Chicago FRB President Evans, Wednesday noon,
Dallas FRB President Fisher, Wednesday, 1:30 pm, FOMC voter,
Minneapolis FRB President Stern, Thursday, 8am, voter
Gov Krozner, Thursday 8:15 am, voter,
Cleveland FRB President Pianalto, Thursday, noon,.
Atlanta FRB President Lockhart, Thursday, 12:15 pm, non voter,
Philadelphia FRB President Plosser, Friday, 5:20 am, voter, arguably the biggest hawk
SF FRB President Yellen, Monday, noon, non voter

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