Funny Business with Jane Wells

Woman On Toilet, Spitzer, Markets: Your Emails

I get emails:

About my blog regarding the woman who sat on a toilet for two years, Wendy F. writes:
“My question is whether or not Ness County Sheriff Bryan Whipple went to the residence ‘armed’ with Charmin when he got the call.”

A love letter from Charlie M.:
“ I have seen you cover everything from avocado and xmas tree farms to California wildfires through the night. Colorado ski resort one day, California drought or Silicon Valley meetings the next. Your versatility in coverage is amazing.”

(Chuck, you have no idea…)

”Vivud” writes about Eliot Spitzer:
“Eliot Spitzer is one of the great American heroes, on a par with Representative John Dingell (everything busting), consumerist Ralph Nader (muckraking), Senator Estes Kefauver (mob busting), President Richard Nixon (overall genius), Senator Frank Church (CIA busting), and

General David Petraeus (counterinsurgency). Spitzer was brought down because the FBI did not like him, as a result of his embarrassment of the Securities and Exchange commission by doing their work for them when he was Attorney General.”

From Mike N, on the “funny business” of the markets:
“The Feds are really taking their sweet old time fixing this credit mess. In the meantime, they are making money watching the markets crumble while they delay. They know that if they fix this mess to fast, they will not allow enough time for the mortgage loaner, bond insurer, financial banks, and hedge funds to bleed opportunity to appear for someone else to grab ahold of. It's just a game out there, and some of the pros on Wall Street are just loving it. Watching CNBC is part of the process of learning that talent.”

An excellent idea from Michel C:
“Have you considered putting out a (new) segment titled ’The Wells Notice’. I like pun-itive reporters. ;-)”

Michel, love you, but I am now issuing you a “Wells Notice” against emoticons.

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