By the Numbers

More Discounted Stocks

A couple of days ago, I ran a screen of tech stocks that have been beaten down in the past few months but have projected double digit growth.  Now I am expanding that screen to look at the entire S&P 500 . 

Year to date, the S&P 500 is down ~8%.  Telecoms and Tech are the two worst performing sectors, down 15% and 13% YTD respectively.  Materials and Consumer Staples, while down 2% and 3% respectively, lead the pack.   Here are S&P 500 stocks that may be on the cheap, down over 30% in the past three months but with double digit earnings growth forecasts for the next fiscal year.

Keep in mind that these screens are not buy or sell recommendations.  They are there to help you get some ideas to research further.  As Cramer always says, "Do your homework."  You can run similar screens on by using our or .