Political Capital with John Harwood

My Cone Of Silence On Everything (Actually, I'm Taking A Break)

We all know how many Americans are sick of political bickering, all the more so as the Clinton-Obama race for the Democratic nomination drag on through the spring.

Well, I've decided to do my part. For the next few days, I have retreated under what Agent 86 on Get Smart used to call the "cone of silence." I will not report attacks by Clinton on Obama, by Obama on Clinton, or by John McCain on both of them and vice versa. Not a word--in print, on TV, on this blog.

Now, I admit I have an ulterior motive for this. I am going on vacation for a few days. Can this make a difference in improving the tone of the 2008 political dialogue. Will I set an example for others to follow?

Hmmmm...We'll see when I return at the beginning of next week.

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