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Karen's Cabinet

Is Karen going to announce her entire cabinet and staff before the election?

Macke for Secretary of Defense.
Tim for the State Department
Dylan as Chief of Staff
Carl Icahn at Treasury
Pickens at Energy
And, of course, Cramer to head up the Fed

- Steven B from Texas

How much fun! I like the way you think Steven.

-- Lee Brodie


Hey guys,

Thanks for hosting a great show.  You've help me save/make some real coin.  Sadly I couldn't watch my recording of Fast Money. This seriously bites. 

Kurt R. from Washington

Hi Kurt,

If you happen to miss Fast Money on TV, don't worry. You can see it on our website immediately following the live show. The video clips are embedded into each Rapid Recap post. Check it out. Click here to see Tuesday's "Word On The Street" post and video.

-- Lee Brodie

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