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Reader Poll: Should Gov't Bailout Homeowners?

The Fed-engineered bailout of investment banker Bear Stearns and other assistance to financial institutions has led some to ask, "Should the government also bailout homeowners?"

To some, the $30 billion deal allowing JP Morgan Chase to buy Bear Stearns deal raises a fairness issue: Should the government bail out a prestigious investment bank while doing little to address the hardships of Americans facing foreclosures on their homes, or caught in other troubled segments of the economy, such as laid-off factory workers?

Members of Congress, particularly Democrats, will press the issue when they return from their spring break next week. Bailout proposals for homeowners abound, including several measures to get lenders to rework home loans. There are also bills to increase federal regulation over the nation's financial system.

That leads to our Fast Money Reader Poll. Should the US government bail out homeowners, too? Tell us what you think?

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