Health & Energy For Your Portfolio

Andrew Fisher

Peter Klein of Fifth Third Asset Management sees investors running away from a lot of stocks, when they should be running toward them.

Klein's All Cap Value Fund is up an average of 15.3 percent per year over the last five years.


First on his list is UnitedHealth Group.

"It serves as the largest managed-care company, but recently, because of a CEO departure and an options-backdating scandal a couple of years ago, it really has suffered," he told CNBC.

It's also become the target of an investigation by the attorney general of New York and discouraging data from competitors Wellpoint and Humana -- but Klein still likes it. 

"Given its strong free cash has a significant amount of power to buy back shares, which it's been doing, and it's looking to add to its stable of companies," he explained.

Klein also likes energy driller Nabors Industries.

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"IT's leveraged into natural gas," he said.  "Natural gas prices have risen about 27 percent this past year; rig count is rising; earnings should be stabilizing and growing over the next year, given the rise in natural-gas prices."


Klein owns both UnitedHealth Group and Nabors Industries.