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See What People Are Saying About Mortgage Mess

If the government tries to start some sort of bailout program for home owners it will be a very big mistake . Anyone with a mortgage is going to have in the back of there minds it is ok to live beyond there means . Why should I have to pay increased taxes and higher intrest rates to cover someone else's problems .

Is this fair to homeowners who dont live beyond their means and work very hard to pay the bills . If you are going to lower the principle on one homeowners mortgage and not the other this is absolutley not fair . You are rewarding the person with financial problems and penilizing the person that doesnt over extend himself and pays his bills .

Another problem with a bailout plan is, it will spill over to all other forms of loans. You will have people refusing to pay ther credit card debt unless they get there balances reduced . You will have people who are upside down in auto loans refusing to pay their payment unless they get there loan amount reduced. Any bailout program will create the biggest problems ever in the financial markets .

-- Jim W.


If a homeowner is hopelessly upside down on a house, who is responsible?  Certainly the buyer must always beware, and a conventional 20% down-payment would cushion the average mortgage into at least break-even territory. 

But what about the lending facilities, eager to write loans, repackage them into various investment vehicles to sell, artificially drove up real estate values?  I don't think they ever  intended to keep this paper on their own balance sheets and we all know it. 

I am an engineer, highly specialized in the service of residential single and multi-family construction.  I am sure to lose my job if there is not an improvement soon, and my prospects of finding other employment are grim.

The Government shouldn’t bail me out, it is the banks whom we all know took advantage of the situation and behaved irresponsibly, that should voluntarily agree to fix the interest rates on all home mortgages with families under roof.  After that they should re-appraise the properties based on REAL, not fraudulently inflated value, and then we all would know what everything is really worth.

Otherwise it will be the homeowners, along with the hundreds of thousands of laid-off workers who are truly punished, and not the manipulators who as usual made off with the cash.

-- Dana B.


I thought these were two very interesting perspectives on a very complex problem. Thanks for taking the time to write. If you have something to say about the mortgage mess, send us an e-mail at

-- Lee Brodie

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